13 Drawing in Color

  • 13.1 The :ink Drawing Option
  • 13.2 Basic Designs
  • 13.3 Color
  • 13.4 Opacity
  • 13.5 Color Blending
  • 13.6 Indirect Inks
  • 13.7 Flipping Ink
  • 13.8 Examples of Simple Drawing Effects
  • This chapter describes the :ink drawing option and the simpler values that can be supplied for that option, such as colors. More complex values that have a regular or irregular pattern in the ink are described in Chapter 14. [annotate]

    Major issue: We need to add a thing called a "palette", which is simply an abstract color map. Palettes are primarily used as a resource for the limited number of colors on most hosts. Do we need to be able to used them to more directly control color maps, to do "color map animation", for example? --- SWM [annotate]

    Minor issue: We need to add a thing called a "raster ink", which includes things like plane masks, pixel values, etc. Be clear that this is platform and device dependent. --- SWM [annotate]

    Note: See above [edit]-- GB 2003-01-11 09:03Z