14.3 Tiling

Tiling repeats a rectangular portion of a design throughout the drawing plane. This is most commonly used with patterns. [annotate]

make-rectangular-tile  design width height [Function]

Returns a design that, when used as an ink, tiles a rectangular portion of the design design across the entire drawing plane. The resulting design repeats with a period of width horizontally and height vertically. width and height must both be integers. The portion of design that appears in each tile is a rectangle whose top-left corner is at (0,0) and whose bottom-right corner is at (width,height). The repetition of design is accomplished by applying a coordinate transformation to shift design into position for each tile, and then extracting a width by height portion of that design. [annotate]

Applying a coordinate transformation to a rectangular tile does not change the portion of the argument design that appears in each tile. However, it can change the period, phase, and orientation of the repeated pattern of tiles. This is so that adjacent figures drawn using the same tile have their inks "line up". [annotate]

Note: rectangular-tile is a pattern, this is implied by 14.2 (see annotation). [edit]-- Daniel Kochmanski 2018-08-16 05:25Z