14 General Designs

  • 14.1 The Compositing Protocol
  • 14.2 Patterns and Stencils
  • 14.3 Tiling
  • 14.4 Regions as Designs
  • 14.5 Arbitrary Designs
  • 14.6 Examples of More Complex Drawing Effects
  • 14.7 Design Protocol
  • This chapter discusses more general designs than Chapter 13 and reveals that regions are also designs. This chapter generalizes to those designs that do not have the same color and opacity at every point in the drawing plane. These include: [annotate]

    Several of the features described in this chapter may not be fully supported in Release 2 of CLIM. [annotate]

    Note: A design is a unification of both a shape and a color and opacity. As such, a design can serve multiple roles. For example, the same design can play the role of an ink that colors the drawing plane, a shape that specifies where to draw another design, a stencil that controls the compositing of two designs, the background of a window, or a region that defines clipping. It is important not to get confused between type, which is inherent in an object, and role, which is determined by how an object is used in a particular function call. [annotate]