20.1 Textual List Formatting

format-textual-list  sequence printer &key stream separator conjunction [Function]

Outputs the sequence of items in sequence as a "textual list". For example, the list (1 2 3 4) might be printed as [annotate]

1, 2, 3, and 4

printer is a function of two arguments: an element of the sequence and a stream; it has dynamic extent. It is called to output each element of the sequence. [annotate]

stream specifies the output stream. The default is *standard-output*. [annotate]

The separator and conjunction arguments provide control over the appearance of each element of the sequence and over the separators used between each pair of elements. separator is a string that is output after every element but the last one; the default for separator is ", " (that is, a comma followed by a space). conjunction is a string that is output before the last element. The default is nil, meaning that there is no conjunction. Typical values for conjunction are the strings "and" and "or". [annotate]