7.1 Basic Sheet Classes

Note that there are no standard sheet classes in CLIM, and no pre-packaged way to create sheets in general. If a programmer needs to create an instance of some class of sheet, make-instance must be used. For most purposes, calling make-pane is how application programmers will make sheets. [annotate]

sheet   [Protocol Class]

The protocol class that corresponds to a sheet. This and the next chapter describe all of the sheet protocols. If you want to create a new class that behaves like a sheet, it should be a subclass of sheet. All instantiable subclasses of sheet must obey the sheet protocol. [annotate]

All of the subclasses of sheet are mutable. [annotate]


sheetp  object [Protocol Predicate]

Returns true if object is a sheet, otherwise returns false. [annotate]


basic-sheet   [Class]

The basic class on which all CLIM sheets are built, a subclass of sheet. This class is an abstract class, intended only to be subclassed, not instantiated. [annotate]