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Acknowledgments [annotate]

The process of designing and implementing CLIM and writing the CLIM specification has been a long and sometimes bumpy one. The first thanks have to go to the people and organizations who allowed the people working on CLIM to continue to do so, despite the obstacles. In particular, Mark Son-Bell of ILA; Bob Laddaga and Saiid Zarrabian at Symbolics (and before or with them, Ken Sinclair, Rick Karash, and Mark Graffam); and Jim Vietch and Hanoch Eiron of Franz, Inc. have struggled with various and sometimes conflicting business interests through the whole process. [annotate]

The attendees of the CLIM coalition meetings and those who contributed to CLIM along the way include all of those listed on the title page, but also include Bob Kerns, John Irwin, Paul Weineke and JonL White, and Kevin Males. Other contributors include Mike McMahon, Paul Robertson, John Hotchkiss, Dave Lowry, Mike Greenwald, Dave Schatsky, and Glenn Adams. Barry Margolin and Richard Billington, acting for the ALU, contributed useful comments as well. [annotate]

Sonya Keene, Ann Hathaway, and Ellen Golden all deserve credit for improving the quality of this specification (in part by authoring the original CLIM documentation), as does Mark Nahabedian. [annotate]

Kent Pitman provided much useful advice on the mechanics of writing a specification, and this document improved significantly because of that. [annotate]

Last but not least are the people who have continued to use CLIM for the duration of this lengthy process. The people at BBN (Bruce Roberts and his group) have been a continuing source of valuable information and suggestions. Also, Markus Fischer of Symbolics GmbH had to deal with more than his fair share of problems, the result of using CLIM in novel ways. [annotate]