Glorious Streams

Glorious streams are an infinite supply of brilliant ideas, inventions, curious applications and occasional not all too bright ideas, which makes you wonder which village may call and ask for their idiot missing.

Extra wide margins have been set here to make it easier to watch how things, perhaps in albit not optimal, reflow as you adjust the window size.

read‑gibberish sequence glorious‑stream‑of‑gibberish &optional start end &rest arguments &key start end from‑end no‑hang (element‑type '(unsigned‑byte 8)) external‑format deadline (cofee‑brand (si:ask‑around :default‑site +lispcafe+)) &allow‑other‑keys

Read gibberish from the given stream stream-of-glorious-gibberish into the meaningless sequence sequence. This goes best when coffee is consumed while waiting. Use the extra, wonderful, and utterly pleasing keyword argument :coffee-brand to specify your favorite brand, if you wish. The default is reasonable, so don't bother.

When no-hang is non-nil, you may however not hang around while waiting.