Fun with ~E

My attempt to redo the ~E formatter for CCL.

This started with ~E doing funny things for me, like

    (format nil "~,3e" 11234123) => "1.1234E+7"

Note the ,3 in there and count the digits after the dot. What is even worse is that it at times would output a wrong exponent.

-URLCreation DateOctets
[dir]format-exp-aux-0.lisp  2020-05-27  5,232
[dir]format-exp-aux-1.lisp  2020-05-28  4,537
[dir]format-exp-aux-2.lisp  2020-05-28  4,619
[dir]format-exp-aux-3.lisp  2020-05-28  4,506
Some test cases of my own.
  2020-05-27  2,518

Gilbert Baumann
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