Tiny bytecode for a tiny Lisp

The idea is to define a very small subset of Lisp, which should be easy to implement anywhere. A later project then would compile all Common Lisp special forms to this core Lisp.

The current Core Lisp is a Lisp-1 with the following special forms:

-URLCreation DateOctets
[dir]alt-bc-2.lisp  2020-03-18  41,614
[dir]alt-bc.lisp  2020-03-17  25,640
[dir]benchmark.html  2020-03-20  3,545
Some benchmark results for (FIB 28) using both the 'pico' and the 'tiny' approach. Also results for SBCL, CCL, ECL, and GCC.
  2020-03-20  1,914
Output of my JIT for the FIB function and the original LAP
  2020-03-17  836
SBCL has some trouble here inlining local functions.
  2020-03-18  18,396
[dir]pico-bc.lisp  2020-03-18  16,818

Gilbert Baumann
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