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A kludge to make compiler error messages of CMUCL clickable and take you to the source location where the error occurred. Requires CMUCL, ilisp and probably XEmacs.

  2003-05-17 01:47:12  
A CLIM class browser
  2003-05-07 11:41:13  3,844[ 00m 01s]
[dir]cmucl-meta-dot.lisp  2003-05-22 14:43:30  4,127[ 00m 01s]

A minimal implementation of the TELNET protocol for CMUCL. You can log into a running Lisp process. Most notably interrupts are properly processed, so that you can attach ilisp to a running Lisp process by answering telnet localhost 4711 to the »Programm: « question.

  2003-09-27 18:28:39  11,267[ 00m 01s]

An attempt to teach ilisp a sensible M-. command which also works with generic functions. Use M-, to find all methods. Also works with accessors.

Needs cmucl-meta-dot.lisp

  2003-05-22 10:22:37  4,764[ 00m 01s]

Hack for McCLIM to have negative exposures. That is when a pane is scrolled we repaint the exposed region immediately instead of waiting for the exposure event to come in from the X server. We stuff negative exposure events into the event queue to indicated that the repainted region is clean.

  2003-05-15 07:37:34  20,392[ 00m 02s]
[dir]pointer-docu-kludge.diff.txt  2003-05-15 06:22:08  781[ 00m 01s]
[dir]sane-cmucl.txt  2003-05-17 05:01:56  2,231[ 00m 01s]

Gilbert Baumann
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