Some Portable Hemlock

Quick steps to get it running.

I tried with SBCL-2.0.2 and CCL 1.12 on macos.

There is some glitch with SBCL though. Loading an already compiled version makes the editor break. Running from a fresh compile however works.

-URLCreation DateOctets
HTML version of the Hemlock manual. Apropos not working.
DONT GET THIS. Some other working copy. Better grab the other down below!
  2022-06-27  877,816
Hemlock User's Manual
  2023-09-28  207,157
Tarball of the HTML files of the Hemlock Manual
  2003-07-26  1,036,816
Hemlock Command Implementor's Manual
  2023-09-28  314,652
My what I believe is the latest working directory.
  2023-09-28  1,625,333

Gilbert Baumann
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